Discovering Dag Hammerskjold?

I had to make a quick trip to Mexico City – which cost a pretty penny – in order to obtain an essential Tax ID number for my Mexican Airbnb.

So I arrived – staying in Coyoacan, down the street from where Frida Kahlo used to live, and Trotsky used to hang out – but more importantly, there were some books on the shelf where I stayed. I picked one out, called “Markings”, writings by Dag Hammerskjold. He was the 2nd Secretary General of the UN back in the early days of that institution. This collection is of his writings, mostly personal and spiritual in nature. I was struck by the intense beauty of his writing. Read this page:

In my last post, “Enlightenment, finally explained in a blog post!”, I felt the urge to write about that special quality of your own personal enlightenment, that moment when you say “I’ve got it!”, when you know where to go, who you are, what to do, and why — regardless of the fact that it all may change in the next hour or minute, but nevertheless, you seem really, truly OK RIGHT NOW! And then, a few days later, I stumble upon Dag Hammerskjold. What a cool serendipity.

Quoting above: “At every moment you choose yourself. But do you choose your self?” Imagine those moments, one of your moments, when you feel swept up in something you may not like, because it is not directed by you… of course, we can’t avoid that always and we shouldn’t, but when we can, it’s great to see the truth that we have choices. Like my choice right now to italicize like Dag did. As he says: “…the consciousness of the talent entrusted to you which is your I“.

I continue every day to search for My I.

More thoughts this week: WELCOME to the new American danger of Losing Our Democracy: One of my favorite astrologers, Pam Gregory, tells us here starting 20 minutes in — listen from here until the end of the video — that the current “breaking down” of constructs and institutions in the US is all part of the loving plan of the cosmos, to create a New Earth.

Bless you, Pam. This sentiment is certainly welcome during this distorting of truth, where some people seem completely bent on denying the results of an election that they have lost, or will lose. If we can look beyond that to a future of brighter times for our planet and our humanity – it may help.

Another thing: I received a new follower on this WordPress site: his blog is called Inner Peace. I highly recommend you check it out, especially the post “Power of Concentration”.

Not only is it full of beautiful condensations of spiritual ideas, taken from all religions and practices, a synthesis of all of them, which to me is very interesting, because in my moments of enlightenment I do feel that all the religions of the world are headed towards the same exact treasure of knowing how to live as a human and spiritual being with happiness — but he then translates his brief writing into many, many different languages! Thank you, Inner Peace, for following my blog and I will look forward to your next posting.

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